A Message From CUPE

Dear Sister/Brother,

The Prime Minister has announced that 2015 was our last first-past-the-post election.  He has promised to change the way we elect Members of Parliament.  The NDP and the Green Party have been calling for electoral reform for years.  The Conservatives do not want to change the system.  But change is coming and we want to make sure that CUPE members participate in this process.

The Federal government has set up a Special Parliamentary Committee to consult the people on how to change to our electoral system. 

We encourage you to participate in these consultations in the following ways:

  • Please sign the CUPE Petition and promote to your networks.
  • Fill out the Special Committee on Election Reform’s e-consultation and encourage others to fill it out too.
  • Attend one of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform events.

For your reference, we have a comprehensive kit of materials to help you understand Mixed Member Proportional Representation and CUPE’s position on electoral reform and a one page leaflet you can share.

We don’t have much time – consultations will be done by Oct 14th and recommendations will go to Parliament by Dec 31st so get involved today!

In solidarity,
Justin Schmid

Ratification Vote Results

Message from the President: Ratification Results

Sisters and Brothers,

Last night, the membership of our local union voted to ratify the Memorandums of Agreement between this local and the City of Burnaby as well as the Burnaby Public Library Board. The vote was overwhelmingly in favour: 80% for the City and 89% for the Library. The City Council and the Library Board will be voting on ratification next week.

Wage increases arising from the Memorandum will take effect as of the date of ratification and, in discussion with Human Resources, we anticipate that those wage increases will be reflected on the second pay period in September. A separate pay for retroactive wages will be issued at that time.

We anticipate that the new Collective Agreements will be finalized and printed by mid autumn.

I would like to thank our members who came out and participated in the vote and I want to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Elections Committee and our office support staff who made sure that the vote went smoothly. Once again, I would like to express my appreciation to the members of the Bargaining Committee for their hard work during the bargaining process.

In solidarity,
Simon Challenger

Ratification Results 2016