Good News Regarding the Vacation Pro-Rating Arbitration!

Happy New Year!

We received welcome news on New Year’s Eve. Arbitrator Mr. John Hall released his decision on the grievance which we filed over the vacation pro-rating language. Although it took us a long time to get to hearing, it was worth it. We have been able to correct an injustice done to members of the Local during the last round of bargaining. In his decision, Arbitrator Hall ruled that the vacation pro-rating language was contrary to the Human Rights Code as it discriminated against workers who were disabled.

The arbitrator also upheld the grievance which we filed on the pro-rating of vacation pay for those members who take maternity or parental leave. He determined that it was discriminatory on the basis of sex and family status grounds.

As of December 31, 2015, the offending language will no longer apply. He has referred the matter of remedy back to the parties to negotiate. We will be meeting with the City to begin those discussions. Our position is clear. We want everyone who was affected to be compensated.

As part of his decision, Arbitrator Hall also ruled that vacation entitlement for City employees is a status benefit based on continuous employment or length of service and is not an earned benefit. This upholds the position which we have always taken with regard to vacations.

To read the entire decision, please follow this link.