Volunteers for Pumpkin Patch Needed!

Sisters and Brothers;

Our membership has approved funds to sponsor the Pumpkin Patch event to take place at two local elementary schools: Douglas Road Elementary School, South Slope Elementary School and the B.C. School for the Deaf. There will be approximately 530 children participating.

pumkin-patchAreas of the playground fields at each school will be decorated in a fall theme along with hay bales and enough pumpkins so that each child will be able to take one home with them. We will also be serving hot chocolate and giving out popcorn. Each class will come out in turn to enjoy gathering pumpkins.

These are schools in low income areas and most of these children would not be able to experience getting a pumpkin for Halloween were it not for this event.

To make this event a success, we are asking for members to volunteer their time to help set up and take down the event at each school. We will need help to decorate the fields, put out hay bales and pumpkins, serve refreshments and then to help clean up after the event in the afternoon. We need two shifts each day, a morning shift from 8am to 11am for set up and an afternoon shift from noon to 3pm to clean up.

Brother Chris Revitt is organizing the Pumpkin Patch event and will be coordinating volunteers. The event will be held on Thursday, October 27, at Douglas Road School and Friday, October 28, at South Slope Elementary.

If you are interested in coming out to help put a smile on children’s faces, please contact us at the Union office and we will forward your name to Brother Revitt.

In solidarity,
Simon Challenger

Union Office
Email: admin@cupe23.ca
Phone: 604-298-0200