Update for Stewards

CUPE 23 Stewards are now required to use the CUPE Grievance investigation form and checklist when initiating a member complaint or concern. You learned about the “Grievance Fact Sheet” in your Steward training. It walks you through getting all the relevant information so you can best represent our members. Effective and efficient information gathering really helps speed processes up, especially as issues get passed from you to the officers who will handle them. This form will be linked on our Resources page and can also be found on the CUPE.ca website any time – go to Member Resources -> Resources for Stewards.

Black Shirt Day – Jan. 15

The CUPE 23 Executive Board has voted to support the call for Jan. 15 to be declared Black Shirt Day in BC schools in recognition of the struggle for civil rights fought by Black and racialized Canadians. We encourage members to wear a black shirt on Jan. 15 in support.

In British Columbia, thousands of students wear pink shirts in support of anti-bullying. Orange Shirt Day has also been introduced across Canadian schools, where students wear orange shirts in solidarity with Indigenous victims of the residential school system.

ARC Vancouver is petitioning for Black Shirt Day to be introduced in BC, in recognition of the struggle for civil rights fought by Black and racialized Canadians. We propose that Black Shirt Day be established on January 15th, the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., the great civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

We believe this will be an important step in raising greater awareness of the ongoing struggle for civil and human rights faced by Black and racialized Canadians, and help to foster solidarity against all forms of racism and hate.

We hereby petition the British Columbia Ministry of Education to designate Friday, January 15th, 2021, as Black Shirt Day in recognition of the struggle for civil rights of Black and racialized Canadians.

We are aiming to have 10,000 signatures on the petition. If spreading the word of our petition on social media, please use #BlackShirtDay. Thank you for your support.

CUPE 23 is proud to recognize February as Black History month

CUPE 23 is proud to recognize February as Black History month. CUPE 23 would like to emphasize that the contributions of Black Canadians have been an integral part of both British Columbian and Canadian history, which we encourage everyone to celebrate year-round.

Black History within Canada is ever evolving; we at CUPE 23 strive to be a positive part of that evolution by promoting a fair, safe, and equal workplace where members are free from systemic barriers, harassment, and discrimination. We encourage our members to promote these principles and to stand up to Anti-black racism not just this month, but everyday. If you’re interested in learning more about BC’s black history please visit BC Black History Awareness Society.

Harry Jerome, Fastest man on earth – Order of Canada – Athlete of the Century
Rosemary Brown – Order of Canada – Politician, Feminist, Writer, Educator, Lecturer and Mother