Election Results

At the AGM last night the results of the 2022 elections were announced. These are not all the Executive Board positions, just the ones that were not acclaimed in March and were part of the voting process. A complete updated list of the 2022-2023 Executive Board will be posted later.

President – Bruce Campbell

Outside 2nd Vice Chair – Chris Mikowski

Inside 1st Vice Chair – Dino Echelli

Inside 2nd Vice Chair – Marisa Ferrari

Foremen 2nd Vice Chair – James Donald

Precarious Workers At Large – Devon Saintsbury & Robert Krajewski

Nominations for 2022 are open

Our March Membership Meeting is also our Nomination Meeting.

Nominations are open now and close at the meeting on March 16.  You can use the form or nominate someone verbally at the meeting. Nomination form here.

Members can run for positions if they have attended a minimum of two General Membership or Divisional meetings in the previous  twelve (12) months.

Positions up for election in 2022 are:

  • President (3 year term)
  • Treasurer (2 year term)
  • All Division Officers (1 year term)
  • 2 Precarious Workers (1 year term)
  • Outside & Library Trustee (2 year term)
  • Foremen Trustee (1 year term)

Nomination form here.